ANZA in London

The ANZA team successfully completed its 3rd Issue- MY CITY in September 2012. The project, was part of the British council’s International Architecture and design Showcase. 

A few representatives from ANZA participated in this workshop which took place in London, UK. 
It was a vibrant and sound experience which exposed ANZA to a number of professionals in the architectural publication industry. 

In addition to the workshop leading to the release of the magazine, two video dairies where prepared in Tanzania and viewed to a London audience at two separate locations. They depicted views of the city “Dar es Salaam” from people in the streets and living in the city on what the loved and hated most of the city.
We were also fortunate to take part in the live stream event together with 100% design where we taped into Dar es Salaam from London with the theme Past, Present and Future of Architecture in our city. In Dar es Salaam we had an audience of the past influential architects in Tanzania Anthony Almeida and Beda Amuli, the present architect represented by Eptitome Architects and the future architects represented by lectures and students from Ardhi University. It also gave a chance for other ANZA members and fans to participate and share in the stream

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