Featured in Lionesses of Africa

While the ANZA team continues to work tirelessly behind the scenes to bring you the next issues, many others continue to tell the ANZA story to the world.  For us, this is humbling and gives us more motivation to work harder towards the vision of showing the world, the people and spaces in East Africa

Recently, the ladies in the ANZA magazine team were featured in an online community about women’s entrepreneurship in Africa called the Lionesses of Africa . Click here to read the story.

‘A real case of synchronicity’ as the founder of Lionesses of Africa , Melanie Hawken put it. Throughout this month, we will continue to share more inspirational articles the team shared with Lionesses of Africa. 

We would like to thank the entire ANZA family for all the support. We will keep on keeping on.

Viva ANZA!

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