The sketches…

 The beginning of the design. (Photo credit: John Paul Senyonyi)

The beginning of the design. (Photo credit: John Paul Senyonyi)

Since today is thursday and social media started the trendy “Throw back thursday”, I figured we might as well do our very own “throw back” into the life of an Architect. For our very first throwback thursday blog post, we will discuss the number one core tool in architecture.

Right from the minute anyone gets into which ever school of architecture and design, he/she is told that their sketchbooks and pencils should forever be their irreplaceable best friends. It is a life time commitment that should be nurtured and treated with love. 

The truth is not every Architect can draw, the important thing is that with sketching you can be able to limitlessly create your idea and communicate it to your audience. Just like any skill, some people are good at it and some are not. However in the architectural design industry sketches (even if it is merely a single line) are inescapable because there are moment when you do it without even realizing it.

Ms.Comfort Badaru


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