Library of Muyinga, Burundi by BC Architects

Architects always feel the responsibility to create solutions to problems that are faced in specific spaces and by the people in that space. Regardless of the age, race, status in society, it is a natural urge to make the space better. This is why every architect will always find him/herself faced with a social/ community projects that many times turn out to be very fulfilling in the ones professional journey.

Our community project this week is the Library of Muyinga in Burundi. It is described in The Archdaily website as a Social reintegration: reconnecting the deaf and blind community to broader society. The article further goes on to explain the main drive behind the project. 
        “In a very informal and oral Burundian culture, deaf children are excluded from stories, information, exchange, education. Often, deaf children are isolated, or even expelled from a certain group of people. The library of Muyinga, linked to an inclusive boarding school for deaf children, creates the possibility to belong to a group, to belong to the wider community of Muyinga through public infrastructure as the first of its kind in Muyinga.”




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