ANZA 6, with NDANI! in stores this week!

ANZA just released our 6th issue! The architect:what we do! A beautifully crafted magazine with inspirational and contextual articles about architecture in east africa!! We are also proud to announce our supplement-ndani! that will now be released with each ANZA issue and will showcase products relating to the building industry and more! Get your copy of ANZA and a free copy of NDANI! along with it! 

If you haven’t got the new issue, head down to The Greenroom  at slipway Msasani and TPH bookstore along Samora avenue, tomorrow afternoon for your copy.. It comes with an exclusive copy of ndani, our all new supplement. For all those out of TZ, send us an email at with the number of copies and your location and we will forward you the delivery details.

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