ANZA #1: Making our city

ANZA’s pioneering issue on ‘people and spaces,’ produced in collaboration with Camenzind magazine, Zurich, as part of a workshop in Tanzania  to launch the first ever East African architecture magazine.

 ANZA #2: Heritage & Tourism

Definitive magazine focusing on the preservation of existing architectural heritage in East Africa, maintaining a rich pool of in-depth articles from various experts all around the world.

 ANZA #3: My City

ANZA’s powerful third issue centered on the five core East African cities and their inherent urban identity. The issue was made in collaboration with British council- London, to create architectural awareness about the spaces in East Africa and their influence around the world.

ANZA #4: From the ground up!

In this issue we explore the past, present, possibilities and the power that the East African construction industry has continued to express. We explore the processes of construction in this context and the outcomes of theses processes. Through careful reflection we can learn from these activities and determine the future of the construction industry in East Africa.

ANZA #5: Art & architecture

This issue is aimed at identifying how art and architecture influence each other and create a positive platform while exploring the East African region. The authors in this issue come from diverse areas of practice and not to mention various experiences in fields pertaining to both art and architecture.

ANZA #6: The Architect

This back to basics issue, takes you through the profession of architecture. Our feature pays tribute to Arch. Ross Langdon, whose architecture can be defined as “Chameleon architecture.” The magazine is also filled with many more mind riveting articles that share the experience of an architect and give insight into the profession with the role of architects carefully explained.

Furthermore, this issue was released with the exclusive new supplement, NDANI! We introduce you to building products in and out of East Africa that aid designers and contractors in the construction industry. The supplement features the newly constructed NMB PLC building in Dar es Salaam.

ANZA #7: D.I.Y, Do It Yourself

ANZA’s 7th issue takes you through the different degrees and/or level of D.I.Y as required by the different clientele or target group. It explores the aspects where individuals engage raw and semi-raw materials and component parts to produce, transform, or reconstruct material possessions, including those drawn from the natural environment.

ANZA #8: Unintended consequences

In this issue, we try to focus/highlight on the consequences of urbanism through a positive lens. Throughout the magazine, we can see how people in the contexts of East Africa and beyond, unintentionally reshaped their state-planned spaces by providing more individuality. This issue reminds us that while planning processes are necessary, we must accommodate the possibility for the unknown. This unknown is what the end users will use to fundamentally shape the identity of their spaces.